How to choose a shower hose?
  • Date:2023-04-25
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Nowadays, most people choose a shower, which is both convenient and comfortable. Therefore, the hose connecting the shower is the main accessory. If it is damaged, it is easy to cause water leakage. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a durable hose. Here are the tips for choosing a shower hose.
1. Surface
Although the surface of various brands of shower hoses looks similar, upon closer inspection, you will find that the surface of good brands of hoses is flat, the gap distribution is uniform, and the feel is smooth. Moreover, high-quality shower hoses use a stainless steel surface, which not only protects the inner tube but also plays an explosion-proof role.
2. Material
When taking a shower, we use both cold and hot water. Both cold and hot water need to be used through shower hoses, so the material requirements for shower hoses are high. The inner tube of the hose should preferably be made of EPDM rubber, which is resistant to aging and heat and is not easy to expand and deform.
3. Flexibility
Materials with good flexibility should be selected. For example, flexible hoses made of materials like EPDM rubber are more flexible. We are not easy to deform when pulling, and it is also easy to restore to the original state. The outer tube of the shower hose is made of 304 stainless steel material, which ensures the stability and flexibility of the hose.
4. Sealing
It is necessary to check whether the hose interface is Tight junction and whether the sealing is good. If the sealing of the interfaces at both ends of the hose is not good, it is easy to cause water leakage during use. High quality hose joints are made of all copper material, and the thickness of the interface and the solid gasket inside are very sturdy and durable. The appearance is also equipped with good rubber gaskets, which has a good anti leakage effect.

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